Current Officers

President - Patrick Rommel

Patrick became president of the club in 2015. He has been a member since 2008. Patrick is the co-owner of a C5 Torch Red Convertible. He loves working on and showing his Corvette, as well as participating in club runs. He enjoys hanging out with fellow Corvette enthusiats.

Vice President - Art Eastlack

Art has been with the Victor Valley Vettes Club for nine years. He was the past Treasurer for three

Art has been a member with the club for nine years. He was the Treasurer for three years and is currently the Vice-President of the club. Art is a transmission repair specialist with 30 years of experience in his field of expertise. Art enjoys his 2015 C7 Torch Red Z06 Corvette which he races competitively. Art also enjoys discussing 'Vettes' with fellow members. He enjoys events and car shows the club has to offer. 

Secretary - Korey Cuillier

Korey became secretary of the club in 2018. She and her husband Dan have been members since 2014. Korey is the co-owner of a 2011 C6 Grand Sport  She enjoys participating in club runs and hanging out with fellow Corvette enthusiasts.

Treasurer - Gaylene Jones

 Gaylene has been a member of the club since 2007. She has held positions as Secretary, Treasurer, Car Show Chair and has been on many committees. She shares a Bowling Green 2001 Corvette with her husband. She enjoys traveling, dinner runs and  the company of club members.

Events - Bob Wildoner


Bob has been a "car-guy" for many years, and retired 11 years ago. He owns 3 Corvettes: a 2007, an 1973 and Pat Hawley's 1987, in his car collection! As the Events Chairman, Bob has planned many one, two and three day runs. With his car collection, he enjoys working on and taking care of them all. As Bob says, "Be careful what you wish for!"    

Membership - Gil Jones

Since joining the club in 2007 Gil has served the club as President, Governor and Membership. Although unable to participate in most events in the last couple  of years, he loves his rare 2001 Bowling Green Corvette.

Charity - Oatis Biggers

Oatis retired from the United States Air-Force he also retired from the Teamsters, as well. Oatis has been with the club for many years. He owns a 2007 C6 Z06 Atomic Orange Corvette. Oatis continually supports the club with coordinating events and car shows. 

Webmaster - Terence Murphy

Terence has been a member and webmaster since 2017. Terence has a 2005 C6 Z51 LeMans Blue Metallic Corvette. He enjoys club runs, car shows and talking about "Vettes" with other Corvette enthusiasts in his spare time.

Governor - Lynne Diamond

Lynne is a retired accountant and has been with the club for 15 years! Lynne owns a 1987 C4 Red Convertible Corvette. As Lynne says, "An Oldie but Goodie!"  Lynne enjoys the dinner runs, events and the camaraderie of fellow 'Vette' owners.